Our Company
Since 1980, we have helped dozens of small companies in this specialized industry grow to powerful marketing forces. Perhaps our greatest and most popular service is our ability to assist clients in the process of "rethinking" their sales and marketing strategies. We have been blessed with several high-profile successes in this area, resulting in greatly improved sales and profits for many of the more prominent businesses in our unique market niche.

How do we do it?

Over 20 Years Experience with Different Companies
We are involved in developing powerful sales and marketing strategies with the leadership teams in many different companies. Thus, ideas that have worked for other clients may give us some insight into solutions for another.

Total Focus on Sales & Marketing
We have been doing nothing but marketing, advertising and sales - in just one marketplace - for over 20 years. Thus, whenever we have any contact with your company, we can be totally focused on causing your sales to grow.

Advertising, Public Relations & Graphics Services
In addition to our popular strategic market services, we have a design team with over 30 years of experience in graphic design in a broad range of media. . . from logo design to print production to signage and vehicle identification designs.

Industry "Clout"
Because we are placing so very many ads for several clients in quite a few automotive magazines, we enjoy a good relationship with most publishers, editors, and ad sales reps. We have been pleased to see that many of our clients have been well supported by these vital industry magazines, and hope that our relationships have helped to foster these positive results.
Questions? E-mail us: info@wirthadvertising.com
(937) 372-1331