What does any product or service need in order to become a "hot seller"?
Exposure This is obvious. If people are unaware of your product, they aren't going to seek it out.
Recognition Here is a vital factor. People (especially car enthusiasts) tend toward products they are familiar with. They want products that they have heard of, and often they want products that their friends have heard of too.
Credibility Obviously, people tend to doubt the claims they read in advertisements. However, they often accept as gospel whatever they read in the body copy of a magazine. So, when they read about a new product in a "New Product" section, they often tend to believe that the product has favorably impressed the magazine's editors. This is great for your product's credibility.
Consumer Demand Clearly, potential customers must come to want your product before they will buy it. Your job is to pique their interest, and encourage them to want it. New Product Press Releases do an excellent job of creating this all-important desire.
In other words, people need to become aware of your products, believe in your message, and then decide that they want your products. In our 20+ years of experience in this market niche, we have found that New Product Press Releases are clearly one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing tools available to achieve all of the above goals.
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